Rouge By Isabelle Modra


Hello all.
It’s been months, I assure you I been doing good things with my time, in the months time since I have last written I fortunately got a new job which I have been pulling major overtime in (50-60 hours a week) and trying to significantly improve my credit score. I am a recent college graduate and I’m definetely high in debt. Those student loans really take it out of you and I haven’t even started paying off the really big federal one. Any who enough about me and more about what is blog was intended to be about, BOOKS!

So I have read many books during this time I been away and I thought I would start reviewing them and doing giveaways. As you all know, if you didn’t already know now you will learn, I have become a huge spoiled brat when it comes to blogging and mostly only read books that are given to be for free these are mostly ebooks that are given to me in exchange for an honest review. So I thought I’d start with the most recent ebook I received and take it from there.

This weeks blog will feature the book Rouge by Isabelle Modra. This was one of the books I found while skimming the iBooks portion of my ipad and one of those books I forgotten I received but definitely one of those unexpected gems. It starts of as just my typical kind of book a mother going home after not seeing her husband for awhile, he was away on a trip as a geologist well of course after so long of not seeing each other they jump each other’s bones real quick and while doing the nasty weird things happen. Okay so it’s kind of impossible to not give spoilers about this book but since this is mostly backstory I thought I would be forgiven, but anyways if you don’t want the major spoiler skip over this section.

Anyways, back to the couple bumping uglies while that happened this rock that the man had gotten while on a trip, don’t worry he’s not a complete weirdo he’s just a scientist geologist, wait does that make it better or worse? Well anyways rock breaks and basically causes this huge fire that kills off the man and the woman is somehow immune to it because of this drug she had been exposed to at this hospital she works at as a doctor, the people kind not the rock kind. So the book set around the daughter that was conceived from that little love making session and the legacy her mother passed onto her. Producing fire, walking through it major superhero stuff.

Okay so a superhero book is majorly not my style at all and if I had any reminders of this I prob would have not even picked up the book but if I would have skipped over it I would have definetely missed out as it is a really great book. Sometimes it really became cliche but I think when your talking about super powers especially like the ones in this book it difficult not to be cliche. Anyways I really enjoyed it and it even had romance and a tad bit if tragic romance, revenge all jammed packed into one awesome free ebook I had all but forgotten about.

As far as ratings I would say 4 out of 5 stars, just because I was so mad at the cliffhanger at the end of the book I was literally screaming and then what happened, in my head of course, don’t need the folks around me thinking I’m weirder than I already am.

Up next, giveaway time. I have soo many books in my bookshelf that range in genres just sitting there and collecting dust on my bookshelf, definite giveaway material for the upcoming blog. Be on the lookout for that towards the end of this week. Also a continuation of this post with a cover reveal for the next exciting book in this series.

Oh and although I have this new awesome job, I don’t have international money so just in the states guys.

One thought on “Rouge By Isabelle Modra

  1. I’m happy to see you back! It sounds like an interesting book! I look forward to seeing all the things you have planned! Keep up the good work and that last line had me seriously LOLing…

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