Why I started blogging and my obsession with the Lily Dale series

After a long day of work there is no greater joy than writing about something that just comes easily to me that doesn’t take any great mental capacity and gush about something I really enjoyed. Realistically the reason I started blogging was because I enjoyed my good friend, Tiffany’s blogs so much, I’m not always consistent with it but it’s a great stress reliever for me to write about something that brings me joy and reminds me of a moment in my life when I experienced all those emotions from giddiness to sadness to excited all those feelings that made me happy to keep turning the page.

So that’s the reason why I started blogging and why I keep blogging till this day. Now onto the actual blog today’s features book, well books will be the lily dale series, by Wendy Corsi Staub.

I cannot express in words how much I enjoyed this series but I’m certainly going to try. The series develops around a spiritualist community in lily dale, New York. Part of the reason I enjoyed these books so much is that it actually featured a town that actually exists, trust me after combing through each book I researched it and it brings me so much excitement to know their is a town do spiritualist and mediums out there and more-so that it’s in New York.

Okay I’m a city liver so it’s really hard for me to picture life outside the city at all, so to picture a town where the vile between humans and spirits is so thin that it’s part of everyday life for a ghost to pass by (only to be seen by the towns mediums and psychics of course) is really exciting for me. I loved the series more because of that reason alone now as far as the plot throughout the lily dale series we follow the life of Calla who mom was just murdered and it centers around her devolving and getting a better understanding of her powers as well as a murder mystery of finding out who killed her own mother.

Have I ever mentioned how much I’m into ghost stories and mediums I love t.v. shows like Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and all those scary movies that I can never watch by myself because I’m a complete ‘fraidy cat that loves horror movies. Strange contradiction right?

I loved the actual names of the books in the series too! Ascending, Believing, Connecting and Discovering, a,b,c,d this book made me such a fan girl I cant even haven’t felt this way since the days of N’sync. My boyfriend has heard me gush so much about Lily dale that I’ve even convinced him to go this summer.

Stay tuned for that trip.

What book has made you a complete fan girl recently, share your own experience c’mon I know I’m not the only one who gets this excited over books!

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