The Iron fey series and quick recap

So complete and total fail on the posting two to three times a week already. I promise I been trying but for some reason I been getting this weird error message the “oauth2 token is invalid” whenever I try posting pictures which has been getting on my nerves for days. Finally lightbulb went off and I realized it’s something specifically with the app (If you guys don’t know I do most of my post from my ipad) so here’s to hoping my images publish okay!

Any who back to business, so I had originally thought to post about this series when I was done but as I am now approaching the end I thought I’d do a quick teaser of the book.

If you couldn’t tell by the title of the post this posting is referring to the Iron Fey series which consist of these little pretties.


Iron fey pretties by Julie kagawa

I love the entire series honestly mostly because of the concept (shoutout o all the Midsummer Night Dream by William Shakespeare lovers) it has great reference to the classic prankster Puck. It also awesomely spins this wonderful story of Faeries and different realms and does just what I loooveeee seeing out of books! It creates this wonderful world that is so real you can almost see the beauty in it and shiver when you witness all the creepy.


I will defeintely be posting my review in the next one or two days when I’m officially complete with the series but I wanted to include this excerpt from the Harlequin teen publishers website.

click me! click me!

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