BEA day one

First day at the BEA today and I must say it was pretty awesome!! Even though I felt I was completely awkward most of the day, as I wasn’t sure how to approach people, I did get to meet some pretty great authors and score some pretty great books in the process.

Despite my awkwardness I did get to meet and even completely fan girl over one author R.L. Stine!



I was really excited to meet him as he is just one of those legends you read about even as a kid, and who my children will in the future probably read as well. R.L. Stine is just a great author overall. Overall I was pretty awkward today and had some real shy girl problems, but my impressive book haul made it totally worth it.


This was in addition to the two shelves I had already filled.



Overall I’m really excited to go again tomorrow and getting even more great books. If anyone sees and recognizes me feel free to say “Hi!”

Quick update

This is a quick update just to announce my excitement over my business cards that are expected to arrive by Tuesday (fingers crossed). Also I am excited to announce I will be going to the Bea conference this year. Many many giveaways coming very soon.


the winner of my most recent giveaway is Tiffany! Congratulations Tiffany